Trusts own up to service deficiencies

And this is actually good news. The Healthcare Commission today have published the compliance declarations of NHS Trusts in England and a large number are being open and honest about the current state of play. Athough this has been presented in the media as yet another set of failures, the fact that Trusts are openly acknowledging non-compliance means that robust action plans are being prepared that can be monitored and progress demonstrated. I would be more worried about organisations that state compliance when they are not as recognition and acknowledgement of problems is the first stage of remedying them. Patients should feel reassured that their local hospitals are being open and honest on this issue.

To me it’s a bit like choosing where to eat on an evening out. I would actually choose to eat in an establishment that has recently been prosecuted for failing a food standards inspection as if they are open you could be absolutely guarantee that standards are now being met through the inspection process and you may not be able to say this about every eatery in town.

Of course, this is the first stage in this process as these declarations have yet to be ratified by the Healthcare Commission through cross-checking and it will be interesting to see how many organisations have overstated their position, for examples some may have declared compliance with reductions in MRSA when having overshot the target by some distance when the final figures are known

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