Welcome Statement from the Royal College of Surgeons

I wholeheartedly welcome the policy statement last week from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. The key sentence was as follows.

“Intuitive interventions that have no evidence base and whose implementation does not harm patient safety or outcomes should be accommodated where practically possible, though priority should be given to evidence-based best practice. For example, surgeons should adhere to the ‘bare below the elbows’ policy contained within the 2008 hygiene code when in direct contact with patients.”

We understand that there isn’t the evidence to prove that this will be effective, however this is a most welcome statement and I look forward to a similar common-sense response from the rest of the Colleges. You can find the Policy Statement in whole here.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Statement from the Royal College of Surgeons

  1. Hello Martin

    Thank you for this information… great news. Not only for the issue about bare below the elbows… it is also a positive step for commonsense healthcare supported by evidence as and when it is available. Art and science working together in synergy.

    I have posted a link to this story on http://www.ivteam.com

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