Research throws up unusual and ‘beneficial’ finding

Well it’s friday afternoon and I thought I’d share something that is not infection-related. As many might know, my lectures over the years have often referred to human gaseous emissions. Researchers have now found out that a component of this gas, and in particular the component related to the smell of rotten eggs, is in fact potentially beneficial in terms of reducing blood pressure. Thus men over the years have actually been protecting their partners with these helpful emissions and have been signalling their presence with an indicator chemical. Perhaps time to re-look at the expression ‘silent but deadly’..

Researchers are now to look for ways forward – perhaps a staple diet of Guinness and balti chicken jalfrezi would be good for the collective blood pressure of the nation in these difficult times, althought what the effect on global warming would be I don’t know

One thought on “Research throws up unusual and ‘beneficial’ finding

  1. Jan says:

    May be beneficial but I must say I prefer the New Zealand approach. They are working on a vaccination for sheep and cows to prevent these gaseous emissions – premise being methane gas is bad for the environment!

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